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How much does an explainer video cost?

Video Marketing / Digital Marketing

Video Marketing / Digital Marketing

Decided you want to create a promotional video for your internet business? You’ve made the right choice! Video is a highly effective way to market your business. Video has the ability to attract and engage your customers’ attention and build brand awareness. If you’re unfamiliar with the process of video production, it can be a minefield. Which step should come first, the script writing, the production crew or hire talent and get on with filming and editing.

Above all else it’s crucial to ensure that you get organised from the outset. Your top priority should be to capture the attention of your target audience - those who are most likely interested in your brand and product or service offering. Brainstorming ideas about the message you want to communicate to your audience should be your first step. Planning how you will execute the video production process should be your next step.

Once you’ve organised your ideas and decided on the type of video you want to produce your budget should be planned. High quality video production is no longer restricted to businesses with infinitely elastic budgets. Hiring well known Hollywood talent and expensive sets and scenery not to mention expensive special effects and post production used to make video prohibitive to all but large conglomerates.

Now though, producing a professional video on a much more reasonable budget is entirely possible. Moreover, it is possible to get the same high quality using digital media. Companies with smaller budgets now have the opportunity to access digital video production and target their customers with engaging high quality video content.

Promotional video production costs

Our motion graphics pricing guide shows some of the typical costs you might see, based on the type of service you decide to use to create your video content. Below we explain two top digital video content types which you can create and the estimated market value of each of these services.

Live action

Live action explainer video

Live action explainer video

Live action explainer videos often have similar costs to that of real-world video production, though on a slightly cheaper scale than big brand productions, (unless you are planning to hire Brad Pitt or Jennifer Anniston. Using live actors is always more costly than using other forms of “talking head” such as motion graphics or animation. You can substantially reduce the costs of live action video by using local or in house talent. However, production costs can rise to around £50,000 if you intend to hire professional video production specialists to produce your video.

Whilst using a freelance video producer may appear to save you some money, be aware the quality of the video maybe significantly lower. It’s important to choose a video producer who has the right level of experience, professional equipment and editing tools to create a professional high quality video to attract in your customers. Once you commit to using video, it’s vital that you ensure the result reflects the high quality that you expect to demonstrate in your brand, so avoid shortcuts, either in expertise, time, or budget.

Animated explainer video

Animated explainer video

Video animations are at the lower end of the scale to live action “talking head” videos in terms of cost. Using digital animations instead of real live actors reduces expenses significantly unless famous talent is used for voiceovers. Online animation software such as adobe illustrator and after effects animation can usually reduce costs to around £5,000-10,000 depending on the complexity of the project.

Internet quotations for such services can vary dramatically. However, the cost per minute of some video production may reach an eye watering £10,000 per minute! It doesn’t have to be like this though, as average costs of hiring video production crews means that you have control over the type of video you choose to create and also the production crew. 

So stick to a strict budget and shop around for the best expertise and research your video production solution based on solid recommendations. At Screenbreak Motion Graphics Design and Animation we can take you though the process and cost effective options tailored to your company's budget. After all, quality is your top priority because your video will act as the shop window for your customers.